My Indian Curry ala Jai HOwwwww Inspired!

after i cooked Vietnamese foodies , after 2 days here i am again getting busy with my cooking kemi.....i was again been used literally used ang utak ko kakaisip what design i want because there are a lot of designs to choose from, what im talking about is my wedding gown...... OH YES its aug. 10, 2009 already and yet i havent finalize yet what design i want hahahahhaha.. (sna after kong lumaps ng mala shilikileng currys eh mkapag decide nko ng bonggah.

yeah its chicken BIRYANI ala jonisya!

Moving forward...charrreng! hahahahha ! Speaking of Curry i now get funky with south-western Indian cuisine... i still have stocks of curry paste so here im making my own version of Beefy and chicken curry ala Jai HO and my fresh spring rolls with a twist and my chicken biryana and chapati on the side.... i took some pics while preparing hope ull love it! Cheers! Jai HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo!

the classic red beef curry

my own version of yellow chicken curry

the curry's n' fwends

the very much needed herbs n' spices for my recipes

this is what i used for my chapati

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